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On the following pages, we will be requesting more information about your emerging career in the music industry. You will be given the opportunity to upload files and include links that help demonstrate the scope of your work. You may select more than one career category, though please note that you will need to provide relevant supporting documentation for each category you select.   For questions regarding career substantiation on this form, please email

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Please include your professional website(s) and/or streaming link(s) where your credited music is available, if applicable. 

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Your Emerging Music Career

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Your Emerging Music Career

Please select which area(s) of the music industry you are currently pursuing. Kindly note, for every category chosen, you will need to provide supporting links and/or documentation and provide an explanation for each.



Vocalist as a solo artist, part of a group, touring or studio vocalist, or other musical projects. Includes spoken word and audio narration


Songwriter and/or composer for music written for yourself, publishers, sync licensing, or other artistic projects. 

Arranger/Conductor/Musical Director

Arranger and/or director/conductor of musical pieces for various projects and genres.

Music Supervisor

Music supervision and placement for film/tv, video games, and more.


Producer or engineer for studio projects or live music.


Instrumentalist as a soloist, part of a group, live tours, studio sessions, or other musical projects.

Visual Arts

Visual artist and/or graphic designer for artist album development, including but not limited to album packaging, album notes, or artwork in/for music videos.

Creative Contributor

Pursuing a career in artist development, creative manager/director, or talent acquisition.


 Music Industry

Careers in music-industry focused professions such as labels, PRO’s, publishing, licensing, artist management, and talent agencies. 

 Music Marketing/Digital Media/Partnerships

Careers in marketing (including social and digital positions), digital media (including video production and web development), and brand collaborations. 

 Music Communications/Journalism

Careers in public relations, publicity, and editorial fields (including blogs and various publications). 

 Music Technology

Careers in music industry focused professions such as labels, PRO’s, publishing, licensing, artist management, and talent agencies. 

 Music Education

Pursuing a career in music education, including independent instruction, and the non-profit sector. 

 Live Music/Touring

Careers in live music event production, touring crew, festival work, and venue teams. 

Entertainment Law

Studying, pursuing, and/or actively beginning your career as an entertainment attorney. 

Digital Content Creator

Digital content creator focused on music-related topics with regular content rollout. This includes podcasters, vloggers, streamers, social media influencers and on-air talent.

Music Entrepreneurship

Actively developing your own music company, and/or pursuing an entrepreneurial career. 

Education Overview 

This section is optional. Please indicate if you are currently attending any institutions or educational programs as it relates to pursuing a career in music. If you are attending school full-time (9 credits+) please complete our Student Application. On this form, you may include any part-time schooling, online and in-person certificate programs, and any other relevant supplemental courses. If you are not able to locate your program in the fields below, please write the program and/or how you are participating in education towards your music career. 

Start typing to search for your school, if you do not find the result you want please enter "My school is not listed below" and enter your information in the Other School area.

Letter of Recommendation                                                        

Please upload a letter of recommendation from a professional in the music industry. This can be a professor, a mentor, a manager, a bandleader, or other professional who can speak to your current emerging music career efforts. Recommender does not need to be a member of the Recording Academy. Recommendation letter must be on an official letterhead, signed and uploaded as a PDF file.  
Signed Letter of Recommendation 

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